Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Settlement Details Released

The Telegraph Herald reported today that Jeffries has accepted the University of Dubuque's settlement offer of $50,000.

In the article, Jeffries explains that he originally sought $140,000 plus reinstatement of tenure; however, he raised his demand to $500,000 after the University's own expert witness testified that tenure was worth $1 million.

Jeffries is said to have settled "because he wanted to be able to speak about the case publicly, did not want his former UD colleagues to have to testify against their employer in a trial and wanted to keep the university from continually appealing the issue."

See also the Chronicle of Higher Education article regarding the settlement.

As a result of this news, we will no longer update the blog, except perhaps if we come across further news relating to the Jeffries ordeal. We thank our readers for contributing their thoughts. We pray that the University's leadership will have the new-found wisdom to avoid administrative blunders such as those that precipitated Jeffries' termination, and we hope that the institution's future proves to be brighter than its recent past.

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