Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Price Subpoena Available for Viewing

We have posted Jason Price's subpoena on our download site. Although the entire document contains of wealth of interesting information, of particular interest is the University's demand that Price turn over any and all communications he has had with the following individuals:
  • Paul Jeffries
  • Janet Jamieson (UD professor)
  • Alan Lisk (UD professor)
  • Chris Daniels (association to UD unknown)
  • Tim Rupert (student)
  • Kate Conway (student)
  • Alfred Reims (student)
  • Lyle Vander Broek (UD seminary professor)
  • Alice Oleson (UD professor)
  • Jane Morgan (UD academic support staff)
  • Rachel Daack (UD professor)
  • Ann Pelelo (former UD professor)
  • Jon Barz (UD professor)
  • Jerry Zurcher (UD professor)
  • Bonnie Sue Lewis (UD seminary professor)
  • Ralph Scharnau (former UD professor)
  • Robert Miller (former UD professor)
  • Julia McDonald (former UD professor)
  • James Lindsey (former UD professor)
  • The Des Moines Register or any employee or agent thereof
  • The Telegraph Herald or any employee or agent thereof
  • The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) or any employee or agent thereof
  • Internal Revenue Service

There are a number of new court documents available at the Dubuque County Courthouse, which we hope to post in the next few days. These include the University's contempt filing against Mr. Price and an "Order to Compel," which Dr. Jeffries' lawyer has filed against the University. Check back for updates regarding these documents.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Humor Substantiated

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Rumor Substantiated

Two days ago we reported that rumors were circulating that the University's lawyers had subpoenaed a former UD student in regard to the ongoing Jeffries case. Today we confirmed that Jason Price was, indeed, served a subpoena soon after his UD graduation ceremony in May. At that time, he was commanded to appear on June 5th for a deposition. Mr. Price was further commanded to turn over all communications regarding this website, his financial records, and many other personal documents. Furthermore, he has been asked to turn over any and all communications with Professor Alan Lisk, former UD student Tim Ruppert, Professor Alice Oleson, Professor Jonathan Barz, Professor Rachel Daack, and approximately fifteen other students, professors, or individuals associated with the University. (We will be providing a complete list of names in the next few days.)

According to court documents, Mr. Price refused to obey the University's subpoena. Consequently, at the end of June, a charge of contempt was filed against Mr. Price by the lawyer's representing UD. As far as we can tell, this filing is still under the court's consideration and Mr. Price has not yet been found to be in contempt.

UD administrators have known for some time that Jason Price was, at one time, involved in the editing of this website. In December 2005, Mr. Price was "outed" as an editor by a faculty member. Soon afterwards, he was requested to meet with President Bullock regarding his involvement. Prior to this meeting, Price and the editors agreed to permanently cut his access privileges to the site. Now although Mr. Price was involved with this site, and although he has been outspoken about his belief that Paul and Ruth Jeffries and the entire UD faculty have suffered an injustice at the hands of the current administration, it is not clear how his personal e-mails, financial statements, phone records, etc. relate to the actual lawsuit. Rumors have been circulating that the University is attempting to connect Dr. Jeffries with the editors of this site in some way or another.

We will be posting Mr. Price's subpoena and the contempt filing as soon as possible. The document is currently not available for scanning, but is expected to be made available late this week or early next week.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Strange Rumors Abound

Rumors (and thus far they are only rumors) have been flying that a former UD student has been subpoenaed by the University. The story being circulated is that the University's lawyers are attempting to make the case that Professor Jeffries spoke against the University in violation of his contract's gag order. It is further claimed that the University has put pressure on faculty members to make similar claims.

We would be greatly interested in hearing more about this story. If anyone has any information, please contact us at

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